The Trick To Effective Wasp Control For Your Yard

paper wasp on picnic table

Staying in control of any wasp infestation that might occur in your yard requires a solid understanding. A wasp is what’s known as a stinging insect and can be either social or solitary. As the difference implies, a social wasp is one that lives in large colonies while solitary ones do not.

Wasps are also known to prey on other insects as well as pollen and nectar. While there are many species of wasp, there are a few common to the Oklahoma & Kansas area, which include:

  • Cicada Killer: This is one of the largest wasps in the United States and looks like an over-sized yellowjacket. They have a rusty head and body with russet-colored wings. Only the female will sting, as the males are incapable of doing so. While they are a solitary wasp, they will nest in groups. While not extremely aggressive, they will defend themselves if they feel provoked.
  • Yellowjackets: This one loves to be around people’s food and drinks. In addition, they’re extremely vicious when threatened. They primarily make their presence known in late summer, but any possible nest requires caution at any time of the year.
  • Paper Wasps: More helpful than other wasps since they prey largely on other pests, this wasp is still inclined to sting people if they get too close. They also like being inside homes more than other wasps. Fortunately, their colonies are relatively small, but that’s of little comfort when you consider a colony nesting inside your home.

Wasps Are Beneficial Yet Harmful

Most pests provide no perceivable benefit to humans or the ecosystem. However, wasps aren’t one of those pests. In fact, they are beneficial to the immediate environment since they prey on other pests and help pollinate flowers and plants. With that in mind, it doesn’t mean wasps should have free reign of your home or property.

For starters, they’re a direct threat to humans when they feel provoked. This manifests itself as a painful sting. And sometimes not just a single sting since wasps don’t lose their stingers when they attack and can continue to sting repeatedly. In addition to a painful sting, some people can experience severe reactions such as anaphylactic shock due to being allergic or stung numerous times. Keep in mind that it’s rarely one wasp that stings. There are usually dozens around, which means serious problems even if you aren’t allergic. Lastly, their tendency to build nests can result in property damage, which just adds insult to injury.

Tips To Keep Wasps Away

While wasps should continue to help benefit the ecosystem, they should do in the next yard over. As such, we’ve put together some tips to ensure it’s not your yard that wasps in the area decide to seek out. Our tips are:

  • Consider specialized landscaping: Wasps pollinate, which means they like every flower right? Not true. There are some they can’t stand and will gladly avoid. Feel free to look into plants that can grow in the area that also keep wasps away.
  • Trash management: Every pest including wasps like to get into your trash. Just by practicing good trash management, you can greatly limit how inclined wasps are to hang around your property.
  • Pet food is a no-no: Make no mistake. You should feed your pet the appropriate food. However, when feeding time is over, it’s important to store food in a sealed container instead of left out. You’d be shocked to know how much wasps love your pet’s food too.
  • Standing water: Wasps need water as other pests do. That’s why they seek standing water. If you don’t have any standing water in your gutters, garden, or other locations on the property, then they’re likely to find somewhere else to be.

Wasp Control With BugBros

When pest infestations threaten you and your loved ones, it’s time to get serious about controlling the problem. That’s why our team at BugBros works daily to protect residences from all pests, including wasps. With us, you can count on taking back control of your yard so you can experience every season to the fullest.

Do you need wasp control services? Then give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional pest prevention options or fill out our online form to schedule your free inspection.

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Our Crazy Happy Customers

We're the highest-rated around because we're incredibly passionate about our craft. As a matter of fact, our Crazy Happy Customers have given us a perfect 5.0 rating on 1,500+ reviews. That's unheard of! See for yourself why our raving fans have placed us head & shoulders above the competition.

Based on 1199 reviews
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jacob kjacob k
20:18 28 Sep 23
Erik arrived and immediately began getting all interior walls, not just the perimeter facing walls, as other companies have done in the past. For our property this is definitely needed because we have had some problems sealing everything due to the age of house. There are definitely ways pests... can access the interior walls from the roof, underground, etc., and other companies have acted like that could never happen and we were crazy for asking them to spray the fully interior facing walls. It was refreshing to see Erik get those areas without even being asked to do them. He also listened to our concerns from there, and went above and beyond by spraying some nontraditional areas like our storm cellar and attic. Again, due to the age of the house and past DIY projects from the former owners, these areas are not sealed properly, so this was necessary for us even though it is probably not needed in most homes. He explained everything he was doing and actually took his time to get all windows, exterior perimeter, porch areas, etc. We are very glad we switched to BugBros!read more
Jill BeardJill Beard
16:43 28 Sep 23
Excellent experience with this local pest control service. Highly recommend!
cindy rosecindy rose
15:47 28 Sep 23
Always professional and polite. Also kind enough to tolerate my little blind four footed security force, LOL. Quick and easy but thorough.
becky stinnettbecky stinnett
20:38 27 Sep 23
We had Jon come here to treat our house. He was very polite and thorough. He also listened to us which so many service people don't do, I really did appreciated that. He was knowledgeable I was impressed with him and I highly recommend him!! Thank you for your service, Bug Brothers!!Mrs. Stinnett... ♥️read more
Adam HarvickAdam Harvick
19:46 27 Sep 23
Had our initial visit from BugBros today! Erin the technician was on time and answered all of our questions. Erin gave us a breakdown of each thing he was doing and why. He was very professional and genuinely seemed excited to help us with our ant problem! Look forward to a long relationship... with BugBros!read more
Ali LaheyAli Lahey
17:50 27 Sep 23
The service is top quality and the guys are always friendly and helpful. I love that you can text them instead of calling to get a service call.
lacey simoneauxlacey simoneaux
14:48 27 Sep 23
b campb camp
20:25 26 Sep 23
Great company, took care of my ant problem
Don MillsDon Mills
16:08 26 Sep 23
Took into account our puppies and clearly explained when it was safe for them to go outside.
James DowdleJames Dowdle
15:27 26 Sep 23
Great company. The employees are very professional.
Emily BoswellEmily Boswell
14:40 25 Sep 23
Dustin was very nice and answered all our questions.
23:24 23 Sep 23
I’ve had two treatments - one by Dustin and one by Erin - both outstanding service and friendliness!
Cathy EckeltCathy Eckelt
17:26 23 Sep 23
Erin is always very nice and thorough. Explains what he’s doing and why. His services helps keep my home safe and clean which gives me peace of mind. Also, knowing I can call him to come out in between visits if needed is reassuring.Thank you Erin!!
Melissa BallMelissa Ball
15:58 23 Sep 23
Tech thoroughly explained what to expect. He was very knowledgeable, friendly and easy to talk to.
Richard WatkinsRichard Watkins
15:35 22 Sep 23
Great service.
Kam RepschlaegerKam Repschlaeger
14:37 22 Sep 23
Great job!
Breanna PulliamBreanna Pulliam
16:08 21 Sep 23
Anne RoseAnne Rose
15:57 21 Sep 23
Jordan BarnettJordan Barnett
15:42 21 Sep 23
They did a great job. Very professional. The communication is great as well as the work. I would highly recommend this company!
Marylin SeguraMarylin Segura
19:03 20 Sep 23
Erin was very professional and on time!
Sherry BrusterSherry Bruster
14:02 20 Sep 23
Richard AlexanderRichard Alexander
20:31 19 Sep 23
Taylor McIntoshTaylor McIntosh
17:31 19 Sep 23
Crystal ZunigaCrystal Zuniga
17:20 19 Sep 23
Dustin was on time, informative, fast and effective.We added some sticky traps for those pesty Wolf Spiders.Would recommend
Kanisha McGeeKanisha McGee
14:55 18 Sep 23
I am so relieved when they come to my home to spray because it's so much more than that. I know that my family & I will be taken care of completely.
Ronnie SharpRonnie Sharp
18:06 17 Sep 23
Great customer service and very professional and friendly
Brent LavoBrent Lavo
17:19 17 Sep 23
It was fast .good service
Great service!
Cheri YangCheri Yang
08:35 16 Sep 23
When I moved into this house. I started having problems with roaches. No matter what I did or how many gel baits I had order to get rid of them. It was not working. I was seeing more and more. I can't even open my cabinets. They would be falling down from the cabinets. It had became that bad.... Talked to the husband and told him we needed help getting rid of them nasty roaches. I had called a few companies and came across bugs bros. Their rating was really good. It took me a week to decide to hired them and i have to say they were not a disappointment. If I remember right, June was the last treatment and we're in September. I have not seen any as much. I do see one here and there but I would killed them as soon as I see one. Other then that none so far. They had done a great job. Looking into calling them back for other problems soon. I would recommend them.The techs that came to spray the house was also really nice too. Justin who picks up the phones calls was pretty helpful. I believe there was this other dude who picks up too( cant remember his name). He wasn't so great. I called to ask about paying and he said it was already paid for and then I was like oh okay I didn't know but okay that's it. He didn't thanks me. He just hung up. I guess whatever.Also the reason why I took this long to write a review was because I wanted to test the treatments that was given to see how good was it. That way I know if they were worth going back to and once again they were really good. Thanks again bugs more
Melissa BallMelissa Ball
20:46 14 Sep 23
Jeremy TomlinsonJeremy Tomlinson
20:43 14 Sep 23
Jon let me know when he was on the way and answered all my questions as well as addressing all my concerns.
Drew NordquistDrew Nordquist
16:11 14 Sep 23
Erin was exceptional. Excellent time-management and interpersonal skills. He provided a level of customer service you don’t traditionally expect from this industry, I certainly didn’t. Truly amazing. I have absolute piece-of-mind that the job was done correctly, effectively and will be maintained... properly going more
15:50 14 Sep 23
Just got my first treatment, Erin was perfectly on time and very professional. He treated the entire inside and outside of the house quickly. He was informative and courteous.
Dustin MartinDustin Martin
13:26 13 Sep 23
Jon is outstanding he go's above and beyond couldn't be more happier with his work been a bugbros customer for a while now there a great company with fantastic employees
Cindy StocktonCindy Stockton
22:32 12 Sep 23
18:32 10 Sep 23
Chris BordeauxChris Bordeaux
13:11 09 Sep 23
BugBros arrived on time, as usual. The tech, Erik, was incredibly thorough, and explained what he was doing to treat our insect issues, and why. This company has been great to deal with, and doesn’t hassle you if a follow up visit is needed for a persistent issue.
D SImondsD SImonds
05:41 09 Sep 23
Rene was awesome. On time and professional
Cyndi CattaneoCyndi Cattaneo
00:01 09 Sep 23
Jacob BibleJacob Bible
20:16 08 Sep 23
Erik did a great job. We have used Bug Bros for awhile now and they truly do take care of us; I have noticed a great difference at two different addresses.
kellie joneskellie jones
16:20 08 Sep 23
Octavio SuarezOctavio Suarez
16:15 08 Sep 23
Very good communication and great results.
Holly LynchHolly Lynch
16:08 08 Sep 23
Randall AshleyRandall Ashley
13:13 07 Sep 23
Solid company: prompt and effective.
Byrom HomesByrom Homes
13:10 07 Sep 23
Erik was very personable, kind and thorough. We were so impressed with him! This is our second time using Bug Brothers and both guys were outstanding! I’m so glad we switched companies. Thank you!
chad o'roarkchad o'roark
15:59 06 Sep 23
Very professional and did a great job for us.
Aaron HodgesAaron Hodges
18:19 02 Sep 23
Jon was very professional and answered all my questions and explained everything he was doing. He did a great job and I would highly recommend this place to other people.
Erica MillerErica Miller
16:21 31 Aug 23
Jon did a great job spraying the house, answering any questions, and explaining the service.
Jennifer MuellerJennifer Mueller
15:51 31 Aug 23
Shelley CShelley C
18:47 30 Aug 23
I appreciate Erin’s help addressing the pantry moth problem we had been struggling with! BugBros pays careful attention to detail, and I appreciate it.
Tatum TarrellTatum Tarrell
14:59 29 Aug 23
They are very helpful, responsive and kind.
michael nixmichael nix
18:50 28 Aug 23
Erin did a great job today as always.
Belinda CuevasBelinda Cuevas
17:38 27 Aug 23
Thanks so much! Eric was great, very nice and professional. I do believe I am a Crazy Happy customer and so happy my poor bugs are dying! Thanks again! Belinda
jeni galowjeni galow
21:10 26 Aug 23
Dustin’s the best! Dustin is very informative and let us know what he was doing every step of the way and provided a lot of good advice and tips. 10/10 recommend!
Mary BolackMary Bolack
14:51 26 Aug 23
Came on time, did his work, and conferred with me to make sure everything I wanted was done. He is a great asset to your company, and I hope he is the one who comes next time I call.
Kassie WadlinKassie Wadlin
00:34 26 Aug 23
I’ve been a customer for a couple of years and have always had a good experience with BugBros. I started seeing some bugs a couple of weeks out from my normal treatment time and they accommodated by treating early, the very next day. Jon was very communicative about the service time and he was... professional and personable. Professional people who make the bugs go away - that’s all I’m really looking for and that’s what I get!read more
brittney gomezbrittney gomez
20:48 24 Aug 23
Erik was great to work with, very knowledgeable and incredibly thorough! Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a pest control company.
Megan RichterMegan Richter
19:19 24 Aug 23
April MeApril Me
21:34 23 Aug 23
Jon came and did the first spray for us he showed up early was fast and answered all of our questions. I'm very happy with BugBros!!! Thank you guys!!!
Patricia CatoPatricia Cato
22:27 22 Aug 23
I tell you that Erik was very professional and friendly. And very respectfully worked very hard to check all our issues and some I didn't know was there.
Aaron DunnAaron Dunn
22:07 22 Aug 23
Bugbros - kills bugs and helps keep them from coming back :)Ask for Erin, he knows his stuff! Was super nice and helpful.
john weberjohn weber
19:29 22 Aug 23
The serviceman was extremely polite and very respectful. He listened to our requests and followed through without hesitation.
Jessie strombergJessie stromberg
16:03 22 Aug 23
Erik was great. Quick efficient and friendly great service from bug bros. Definitely recommend
Jeriah LansdowneJeriah Lansdowne
19:00 21 Aug 23
Every time and every employee that has ever come to my house to treat it has been extremely kind, helpful, trustworthy, knowledgeable and prompt. Very impressed and my home and property have never been better taken care of.
Megan TimmonsMegan Timmons
15:45 18 Aug 23
I would absolutely recommend Bug Bros to anyone needing pest control. Jon was the name of the guy that came out and he was great! They’re very professional and thorough. They make sure to answer any questions you may have and are in touch with you through the whole process from scheduling to the... time of service! Everyone I’ve spoken with here has been beyond pleasant to work with. 😊read more
Monica RubioMonica Rubio
16:39 17 Aug 23
I highly recommend this company! 10/10Erin was our pest control tech that came out. He was very nice and was extremely knowledgeable. Erin helped educate me about the bug problems on our property. He also found more termite damage that we didn’t know existed and pointed out structural concerns... caused by the termites. Neither of these were pointed out by our previous pest control company. BugBros definitely goes above and beyond.Thank you guys for coming out, we will definitely continue using your more
Iva MarshallIva Marshall
02:36 05 Aug 23
OMG the service I received from Erin goes above Excellent, Fantastic, and more. He was very professional, helpful, and took time to answer a few questions. BugBros is the place for me. Give them a try you shouldn’t be disappointed. I didn’t want to say “you won’t be disappointed” because there are... some people you can’t please. Again, Fantastic Workread more
Abbie PrinceAbbie Prince
20:14 04 Aug 23
Amazing service from the start. We had our first treatment today done by Erin. He was very professional, friendly, and helpful to make sure to answer all questions we had. Everything exceeded our expectations and we are looking forward to having Bug Bros come back out again.
Shelly houghShelly hough
18:58 04 Aug 23
I just had one of my properties serviced by Erik and he did a great job! He was professional and on time which I appreciate. Overall I’m very pleased with this company and will continue to use them.
Donna NixDonna Nix
18:00 02 Aug 23
Dustin had great knowledge of the business and the company. He answered questions and dealt with concerns. He was professional and detailed. Matt from the office was great at scheduling, reminding and setting everything in motion. Great teamwork!
Kristen MetcalfKristen Metcalf
14:30 26 Jul 23
Dustin came out for our first house treatment and was punctual and exceeded our expectations! We had some exterior wasp nests up high on our two story house and Dustin knocked them all off and sprayed. He was efficient and very friendly. We are looking forward to more bug free days now with Bug... Bros!read more
Johnny AbrishamkarJohnny Abrishamkar
17:07 11 Jul 23
Outstanding service from the start. Jon was super nice and helpful. He went over everything carefully with no hurry. You could tell he was trying his best to give us his complete attention. We are very happy with this company and see ourselves staying with them long term. Thanks for everything
Brianne CumberBrianne Cumber
16:01 11 Jul 23
Erik and everyone we worked with at Bug Bros were amazing! They were quick to respond and calmed my worries about the spiders we've found in our new home. Erik was professional, informative and thorough. Thanks to Bug Bros we can all sleep better at night!
Sean MedlinSean Medlin
16:46 29 Jun 23
Jon was awesome! He listened attentively to all my concerns and addressed them all appropriately. He explained everything thoroughly, and his confidence/assurance has put all my pest worries at ease.We also had a great conversation outside of the pest services, which really made me feel great... about my choice to go with BugBros. Highly recommend the company, and ask for Jon!read more
Breeanna MartinBreeanna Martin
21:01 22 Jun 23
Jon was great! He took the time to answer all my questions- being a new 1st time homeowner I had quite a few. He was super informative and just had a good vibe. Thanks so much! Will definitely be requesting him to be the one to keep coming and doing our sprays!
Zach SullivanZach Sullivan
20:08 16 Jun 23
Very well Done. Dustin let me know when he was coming, and we were able to quickly get him set up and my house treated. He was also extremely knowledgeable
Kate Columbia BaschKate Columbia Basch
15:45 15 Jun 23
Working with BugBros has been a great experience thus far! They were knowledgeable and insightful on our initial phone call and scheduled us same week for the first visit. Their technician was incredibly kind, thorough and showed up on time. After having a nightmare experience with Orkin, working... with a company who clearly cares about their clients and their homes has been a breath of fresh air. I look forward to working with them and will recommend them to friends and more
Kyah ShawKyah Shaw
04:43 03 Jun 23
We love them! Our technician Jon was very professional and arrived a few minutes before the appointment time. He talked me through everything and he was very helpful and kind. We saw amazing results with just our first treatment! I am very grateful for BugBros!!
Andrew MarksAndrew Marks
21:02 26 May 23
Dustin did my most recent service and was friendly and had good insight to my pest problems. He listened to my pest treatment preferences and executed them like a professional. John and Erin, the other technicians that have treated my property in the past are much of the same. Good at what they do!... Bug bros is a company worth more
Sydney ErinSydney Erin
14:44 25 May 23
I just finished up my appointment with Erin to get a routine spray, and I am very happy! He was prompt, thorough, and very kind! He explained all he was doing, and had great knowledge. I will definitely be using this company again in the future. Thanks again Erin for your work and professionalism!
Karis JohnsonKaris Johnson
18:11 15 Feb 23
Erin was amazing! He was flexible when I had to change my time at the last minute, explained things thoroughly, and worked quickly and thoroughly. I highly recommend bug bros!
Lexy WardLexy Ward
04:27 07 Jan 23
Alante was very professional and informative! I met him on my lunch break from work and he was done with front yard, back yard, and inside my home within 30 minutes or so. He answered all my questions I had! It was my first spray and it seems the fleas are less on my dog. Will update once they are... completely more
Donetta JamiesonDonetta Jamieson
00:01 07 Jan 23
We were at our wits end with our rodent problem. Nothing was working and we tried everything to no avail. I researched the best exterminators in Tulsa and bug bros was highly rated. I made an inquiry online and a representative called me 20 minutes later. The rep described the services and... scheduled a visit from a tech for the very next day. The tech was very professional and friendly. It has been 6 days since the visit and the rodent activity has ceased completely. There is NO smell from dying rodents and we are so relieved. These guys are the real deal and a small business worth more
Suzi TifftSuzi Tifft
16:04 13 Oct 22
After using other pest control companies in the Tulsa area, I can honestly say I was surprised by BugBros Pest Control! The technician, Jon Erickson, was very kind, courteous, conscientious, knowledgeable and so helpful. I view service or repair companies as part of my domestic engineering team... and try to educate myself in those areas to know when to seek their help early before a problem become a major issue. Technicians who are willing to answer your questions as they go, rather than preferring to be left alone, are of great value to me. And Jon is exactly that kind of technician! He explained everything along with what I might be seeing after the treatment, and what to expect in the coming weeks. He also took the time to knock down all my spider webs on the exterior of my ranch style home! What a blessing!! Also, the BugBros website, quick communications, online account, etc., is superior to any other company I have used! They really care and have great customer service skills! I’m so grateful to have found BugBros!read more
16:49 12 Oct 22
BugBros has been an absolute fabulous company to communicate and work with over the last several months. We have enjoyed every technician that’s been sent out, but we really appreciate and want to acknowledge Erin! He is always so thorough, respectful, and joyful every time he enters our home.We... appreciate all of you. We will 100% keep recommending this company to family & friends!Thanks for getting rid of our unwanted critters!read more
Chris LoChris Lo
18:41 24 Aug 22
Erin is knowledgeable & courteous. Patience while efficient. The service experience is top-notch. We appreciate the spray has no odor at all and so effective. We saw a dead fly within the hour already. Can't wait to have a home without pest. Highly recommended!
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