The Best Way To Protect Your Home From Termites

termites chewing wood

Have you ever wondered how termites create so much damage in such a short amount of time? The truth is, they actually don’t. They’re not called the silent destroyers for no reason; most termite infestations can go unnoticed for months and even years. Annually, termites create a cumulative total of $30 billion dollars in damage for home and property owners nationwide. Hoping to prevent a termite infestation in your home? Well, you might want to make sure you don’t already have one first.

How To Identify Termites And Damage

Termites are rarely spotted outside of their tunnels, but when they are, they’re commonly mistaken for ants. It’s an easy mistake to make, especially since most termites don’t grow larger than half an inch long. It’s difficult to differentiate between two minuscule insects, but it’s not impossible:

  • Termites have soft bodies; ants have hardened exoskeletons
  • Ants have more defined waists; termites have straight bodies
  • Termites possess much larger heads; ant bodies are much more evenly proportioned
  • Reproductive ants have two sets of asymmetrical wings; reproductive termites have four uniform wings
  • Termite antennae are straight; ant antennae are elbowed

The damage that termites cause is daunting, and it’s important to know what signs to look for if you suspect you might already be dealing with an infestation. Overly squeaky floorboards, swollen door and window frames, hollow-sounding wooden beams, and bubbling paint are good indicators of an ongoing infestation. Pinpoint holes in the walls and small piles of sawdust-type particles are also telltale signs of termites.

How Could Termites Infest My Home?

If you’re lucky, you can catch a termite infestation before it gets established. During swarming season, which usually happens right after the first rain of the spring, reproductive termites leave their nests in search of a mate and a new home. Once they’ve found their new home, they shed their wings and burrow into the ground to create their new nest. If you discover shed wings, which look like translucent scales, then there’s a high chance you’ll be dealing with a termite infestation in the near future.

Unfortunately, though, reproductive termites aren’t the only way you could suffer from an infestation. Subterranean termites burrow through the ground in search of new food sources, and if there’s an undetected termite nest near your home, they could very well discover a crack in your foundation and burrow their way inside. Other ways termites can get into your home are:

  • Mud tubes climbing up the siding of your home
  • Exposed wood on the outside of your home
  • Using low-hanging branches and brush piles near your home to climb inside
  • Gaps, holes, and prior pest damage that has gone undetected

Can I Protect My Home From Termite Infestations?

Preventing a termite infestation can be difficult, but there are ways to make your home less appealing. Termites are attracted to excess moisture and exposed wood, and reproductive termites are often attracted to light sources. Keeping your porch light turned off as often as possible during the swarming season may not be completely fool-proof, but it’s still a good precaution to take.

Make sure to cover any exposed wood on the outside of your home, trim back bushes and branches, keep your garden pruned properly, and make sure there aren’t any undetected leaks in your pipes. Investing in a dehumidifier for those difficult to dry rooms such as kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room may be crucial in keeping your home termite-free.

What Should I Do If I Already Have Termites?

Don’t feel bad if you discover your home is infested with termites. These pests are sneaky and easily overlooked. Instead, call the professionals for help. Bug Bros Pest Control isn’t just dedicated to serving our communities, we’re also dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers. Our highly-skilled team of bug assassins provides safe, effective, and affordable pest control services that are specially tailored to meet your needs. We back every treatment with our Crazy Happy Guarantee – if you’re not Crazy Happy with your experience, we’ll refund 100% of your money back, guaranteed! So give us a call today. We look forward to working for you!

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