Roach Preparation Steps

Your To-Do List Before Treatment

We'll treat the cracks and crevices (around all the baseboards, so please move anything possible away from the walls) of your home with a general pesticide spray which will kill everything from roaches to spiders, ants, beetles, crickets - you name it. You'll want to clear everything out of the kitchen and bathroom cabinets & drawers before each visit so we can spray them and place sticky traps if necessary. 

You can put everything in the garage or somewhere out of the way like the dining table or bathtub. While they're empty, clean the cabinets with a disinfectant and remove any dead roaches so we can see where any activity is moving forward. Please remove everything from on top of the fridge and oven as well, as we'll need to move those out to spray behind them.

We'll also use a roach bait in the kitchen and perhaps bathrooms and other areas of the home. The roach bait is a slow-acting chemical with a transfer effect. Basically, it goes contagious and one roach eating the bait can kill up to 50 more in the nest. This really goes a long way in eliminating the problem. It is important to remove competing food sources. To do this, seal up your food in air tight containers (do this for pet food as well) and regularly maintain your dishes and trash.

We also recommend removing the plastic covers on the electrical outlets & light switches in the kitchen and bathrooms so we can put dust in the walls on your initial service. They live in the wall voids, so this will kill them there as well. This is only necessary on the first appointment, as it lasts a very long time. You'll want to put them back on immediately after the appointment for your safety.

In between appointments, just stay on top of keeping your food sealed up and maintaining the dishes and trash. Do not treat with any pesticides of your own as they can negatively interfere with our treatment.

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