What Causes Roaches in Your Owasso Home? Understanding the Unwanted Visitors


What Causes Roaches in Your Owasso Home? Understanding the Unwanted Visitors

Have you ever turned on the kitchen light in the middle of the night only to be greeted by the scuttling of tiny legs? It’s a scenario homeowners dread: discovering roaches in their homes and wondering what causes their unwanted presence.

Like many other places, Owasso isn’t immune to these unwanted visitors. Cockroaches are unsightly, pose potential health risks, and can be challenging to eliminate once settled in. But what exactly causes roaches to invade homes, and how can we prevent them from setting up in our homes?

Roaches are a common pest many deal with, and it’s important to know what causes cockroach infestations and what you can do to prevent them from entering your home. Let’s explore the world of these resilient pests and better understand their presence and how to avoid them.

Recognizing Roach Behavior

Before exploring the causes of roach infestation, it’s essential to understand their behaviors. Roaches are extremely adaptable creatures; they can live in some of the toughest environments and thrive. They are attracted to heat, moisture, and valuable food sources, making homes the perfect environment for them to settle in. While any protein, fat, or sugar will do, they love grease.

Additionally, roaches are nocturnal, meaning they prefer to hide during the day and emerge at night to forage for food. So, in many cases, some homeowners may be unaware that they have a cockroach infestation to start dealing with.Investing in residential pest control in Owasso, OK, is a reliable way to ensure your home remains safe and secure from roaches and other pests.

Cockroaches: Where Do They Come From

As a homeowner, it’s important to understand where cockroaches come from and what attracts them to your home. Below are some common reasons these pests enter your living spaces

Food Sources

One of the primary reasons roaches invade homes is the availability of food. They are not picky and will consume almost anything, including crumbs and grease. Therefore, always cover your food promptly and clean up any spills.

Additionally, make it a routine to regularly clean and degrease your stoves, ovens, and vent hoods to help prevent these pests. Keeping your kitchen clean is essential in deterring common household roaches like the German roach.


Roaches require moisture to survive. Leaky pipes, standing water, and damp areas provide the perfect environment for them to thrive. Common rooms in your homes, like bathrooms, kitchens, and basements, have high moisture levels, making them prime targets for roach infestations.


Roaches love clutter and areas to hide. So, piles of newspapers, cardboard boxes, and other debris offer hiding pots and protection from predators. This clutter also makes detecting and eliminating roach infestation challenging because people don’t usually think about it. But these places allow them to multiply rapidly. Corrugations of cardboard offer roaches perfect places to keep their ootheca, or egg sacks, protected and safe until they hatch.

Bags, Cartons, or Furniture

Unlike other roaches, which enter through crevices and windows, German roaches typically infest homes by hitchhiking on infested grocery bags, beverage cartons, or furniture.

Preventing Roach Infestations

Now that we know what causes cockroach infestation in your home, let’s explore some preventative measures to keep them at bay and free from them.

Maintain Cleanliness

Keep your home clean and free of food debris. Wiping down countertops, sweeping floors, and promptly cleaning up spills can help with preventative measures. Also, storing food in airtight containers and not leaving pet food out overnight can help keep these pests away. A commonly procrastinated task that can cause major issues is your oven. Your oven, stove, and the vent above your stove accumulate grease which roaches love. It is important to regularly degrease these surfaces.

Reduce Moisture

Fix leaky pipes or facets and ensure proper ventilation in bathrooms and kitchens. You can also use a dehumidifier in damp areas like basements to reduce excess moisture.


Regularly declutter your homes to eliminate hiding spots for roaches. Dispose of old newspapers, cardboard boxes, and any other unnecessary items. 

Inspect Packages, Deliveries, and Groceries

Cockroaches love to hitchhike, so it’s crucial to check your bags of potatoes, onions, and other groceries. Some stray roaches also hide in packages and grooves in corrugated cardboard to sneak into your house!

Outdoor Maintenance

To keep German cockroaches at bay in your yard, do the following:

  • Seal Trash Cans: Keep exterior trash cans tightly sealed to avoid attracting cockroaches.
  • Remove Food Sources: Clear away leftover barbecue, pet food, birdseed, and other food sources from around your home.
  • Relocate Compost Piles: Position compost piles away from your home.
  • Eliminate Moisture: Fix leaky spigots, clear gutters, and trim bushes to allow air and sunlight to dry things out.
  • Clear Weed Overgrowth: Remove weed overgrowth where cockroaches and other pests can hide.
  • Eliminate Lawn Clutter: Clear away unnecessary lawn clutter to prevent hiding spots for pests and breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
  • Seal Cracks: Seal gaps and cracks in your foundation or outer walls to prevent entry.

Bug Bros Pest Control provides comprehensive pest management solutions for residential and commercial settings. We specialize in roach control in Owasso, OK, addressing current infestations and implementing preventative measures to protect against future pests.

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