Mice Invasion? Learn How to Keep Mice Out of Your House Effectively


If you’re asking yourself how to keep mice away from your house or you suspect a mice invasion in your home, you’re not alone. Mice invasions should not be treated lightly, as they can be incredibly harmful to your home and challenging to tackle. Mice can be persistent and sneaky little creatures, but fear not! This blog will explore practical strategies to keep mice out of your house and ensure your home remains rodent-free.

Make Sure Entry Points Are Sealed

Mice are agile and crafty, allowing them to squeeze through openings as small as a quarter-inch! The first step in mouse-proofing your home is identifying and sealing potential entry points. Carefully inspect your home’s exterior and foundation for any cracks, gaps around pipes, or openings around doors and windows.

If you find any potential mouse-shaped openings, carefully use caulk, weather stripping, or steel wool to block these access points effectively. Leave it to the professionals if you cannot correctly seal these access points! Hiring a professional can help prevent further damage to your home and a significant mouse invasion.

Maintain a Clean Environment

There is nothing less inviting to mice than a tidy home! Keeping a clean, well-lit place can help deter pesky little mice looking for small, dark places to hide in. Maintaining a clean environment also includes proper food storage. Keep food in airtight containers and promptly clean up crumbs or spills to reduce unseen leftover waste. Remember to empty your trash regularly and keep pet food in sealed containers.

There are several solutions to “how to deter mice from your house,” and a clean home is a great start. A clean home environment deters mice, as it diminishes their livable space and reduces their access to food sources.

Keep Your Yard Tidy

Mice, especially field mice, often use overgrown vegetation as a haven. To prevent them from approaching your home or entering it through your yard:

  1. Maintain a well-kept yard.
  2. Trim bushes and trees away from your home.
  3. Remember to remove piles of leaves or debris even after your yard has been mowed, trimmed, or cut, as that tends to be mice-nesting heaven!

Maintaining a clean and tidy yard makes it less appealing for mice to venture close to your home.

Store Firewood Properly

If you have a fireplace or a wood-burning stove, firewood may attract mice to your property. Mice often nest in wood piles and can be used as jumping points to invade your home. Properly storing firewood away from your home can help prevent this. To do so, elevate the woodpile and keep it at least 20 feet away from your home.

During the colder months, wood is a necessity! There are several ways to keep mice away from your wood piles, but keeping wood away from the home can help deter mice from entering your house during these chilly months.

Secure Garbage Bins

Garbage bins can be a treasure trove for hungry mice. Ensuring that your garbage bins are as secure and tightly closed as possible can help deter curious mice from hiding out in your garbage bins. Use bins made of study materials that mice can’t chew through if possible. Bins that are woven or made of wood or wire are easy for mice to nibble through. Double-lining plastic bags can also prevent mice from tearing through the plastic. Make sure to regularly clean the area around the bins to remove any leftover food residue that may tempt these unwanted guests to enter your home.

Set Traps Around Your Home (Especially in Mice Prone Areas!)

When answering “how to keep mice out of your house,” trapping is a classic, well-tested, and effective method. Various types of mouse traps are available, including snap traps, glue traps, and humane catch-and-release traps.

The placement of traps around your home can be as significant as the traps themselves. Placing traps in mice-prone areas, such as dark corners, behind large bookshelves or dressers, and in closets or garages can help raise the efficiency of these traps. Be sure to also place traps along walls, near entry points, and in areas where you’ve seen mice activity in the past.

Use Natural Deterrents

If mice traps aren’t your thing, natural deterrents can also help deter mice. Certain natural scents are known to repel mice. Mice have a strong aversion to certain smells, such as mint. Placing cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil or dried mint leaves in areas where you suspect mice activity can keep mice away from your home. Alternatively, you can strategically use cloves, bay leaves, and even onions to deter mice from entering your house.

Regularly Inspect Your Home

After implementing the preventive measures mentioned earlier and researching strategies on “how to keep mice out of your house,” it remains crucial to inspect your home for signs of mouse activity regularly. What might a mouse infestation look like? This article lists specific signs of mice invasions, such as droppings, chewed materials, or gnaw marks. The earlier you detect a problem, the easier it will be to address it later.

Suppose you cannot perform an adequate or in-depth home inspection or are still plagued by how to keep mice away from your house; no worries! Consult a professional to regularly help inspect your home to prevent any possibility of a mouse invasion.

Consider Hiring a Professional Pest Control

If you notice your mice invasion continues to persist despite your best efforts, it may be time to call in the professionals. Pest control experts have the knowledge and tools to effectively eliminate mice from your home. Not only can they have the most efficient methods of keeping mice at bay, but the safest as well. They can also help you identify and address any underlying issues that may be attracting mice to your property.

Knowing how to keep mice out of your house is crucial to maintaining a pest-free home. Remember that persistence is key when dealing with mice, so stay vigilant! However, if all else fails, seek professional help to tackle your mice invasion head-on.

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