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After 40 years of hiding, bed bugs have threatened families from Wichita, KS to every corner of the United States. Unfortunately, these pests often remain too small to see at first, and they quickly spread throughout your house and beyond.
It also doesn’t help that most homeowners don’t realize that they have brought them home until it’s already too late. By then, they feel panicked and aren’t sure what to do, and they can soon make their infestation problems worse.

Before you let bed bugs drive you from your home, you can still rely on us at BugBros for help. We locate, treat, and prevent more infestations than anyone else, as well as assist you in making life normal again.

When your family finds themselves covered in mysterious welts and your bedding stays covered in bugs, you need us immediately. Contact us for your trusted choice in local bed bug services and sleep tighter knowing your home stays safer today.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Part of why Do It Yourself pest control techniques may not work is that the homeowner has misidentified their threat. Bed bugs are small parasitic pests that feed on the blood of mammals, such as you, your family, and pets.

While they have similarities to ticks, fleas, and mosquitos, these invaders often require a specialized treatment plan to remove entirely. Although bed bugs easily get crushed in your sleep, they prove a challenge to get rid of with traditional methods.

Hiring our extermination team for your home means receiving the best treatment possible with a combination of effective method options. We use professional grade insecticides to drive them away, as well as heat treatments to get rid of existing colonies.

Depending on the seriousness of your issues, you may need an entire home treatment to get rid of them all. When cheap pest control kits sold in stores fail to get results, you need our team of bed bug experts.

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