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As a homeowner in the greater Tulsa, Oklahoma, community, you already have many threats to contend with regularly. From knowing that you reside in Tornado Alley, to flash floods and severe thunderstorms, there always seems to be something threatening your household.

However, it isn’t always the most substantial concerns that are the ones that require the most preparation. When you unknowingly have hundreds of termites hidden deep within your house’s wood frames, they can eat away at your building for weeks without detection.

Termites don’t need long before leaving your place structural unsound and unsafe to continue living in without significant repair costs and services. Instead, you can better protect your home from hungry termites with Bug Bros today.

We assist more area homeowners with all manner of pests, and termites don’t stand a chance with our experienced service technicians. Keep your house safer from invasive bugs and contact us today.

Tulsa Oklahoma Termite Control

The one saving grace for many homeowners is that most termites don’t seem to carry diseases. However, their waste can trigger asthma symptoms, severe allergies, and they certainly leave your house’s frame feeling sick.

Termites rely on wood for food, as well as to continue building their colony. Unfortunately, once they’ve had their fill of your building materials, they’ll just leave and head towards the next source of nourishment.

That means that even if you’ve never developed an issue with termites before, your neighbors could certainly have them now. Once they’ve devastated their home, they may have yours in their sights next.

We recommend choosing us for an annual safety inspection to look for signs of infestations. Once we confirm that you do have termites, we’ll get to work keeping your house protected at affordable costs.

Termite Exterminator Tulsa

You may think that, because you don’t immediately see termites crawling or flying around, that your home doesn’t have them. However, termites typically remain out of view, and most colonies don’t stay where they feed.

Most termites are living in your yard, and they tunnel into your building from underground. They utilize a network of mud tubes, making them even harder to spot unless you see the bugs themselves.

There are numerous termite control products that you could purchase from a hardware retailer, but few prove useful for long. Much like ants, termites have a queen, which pumps out tens of thousands of eggs every day.

Unless you can eliminate the queen termite, your pest problem will only continue to spread until they have eventually destroyed your place to live. Before you spend any more time or cash on products that don’t work, contact us today.

Not all pest extermination companies achieve the same level of quality, and few retain the level of experience that our technicians bring to your job every day. When you need to know that your house is no longer an open buffet, call Bug Bros for your best defense against termites and other common pests.

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