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While the Tulsa, Oklahoma, region is home to a variety of different insects and wildlife, some species enter your home more than others. Either they’re nearly invisible to the naked eye, or they’re experts at exploring new places, you keep having pest problems.
Bug Bros continues protecting more area residences from most daily pest invaders with targeted services for spiders, ants, and fleas. Although they aren’t the only bugs to worry about, they can quickly create a ton frustration.

Fleas remain infamous for carrying diseases, infesting pet cats and dogs, and quickly taking over any carpeted surface. Spiders, on the other hand, can breed hundreds more, turning any attic or basement into a cave of nightmares.

Even ants that remain ignored will only wind up eating dirty laundry, sugary snacks, and attracting predators, leaving your home a mess. Before you let Mother Nature take over your home, we always have the best solution ready for your specific pest problems.


Spider Control Tulsa

Most spiders stay harmless and docile, so long as they don’t feel threatened. Unfortunately, while most spiders remain beneficial, there are several species which can leave you in the Emergency Room.

Brown Widows, Black Widows, Brown Recluse, and other native species are venomous, with some cases winding up fatal. Even if you don’t have young children or pets living in the home, it’s unsafe to ignore these pests.

Symptoms can start within seconds of getting bitten, and unless you seek medical treatment, it could worsen quickly. Keep your house and loves ones safe from venomous spiders and contact us today.


Tulsa Ant Control

Sugar Ants turn your pantry into swarming, crawling buffet line. Carpenter Ants, on the other hand, burrow into wood frames and create a nest, leaving your house unstable.

Other ant species inject you with harmful toxins that leave your skin feeling itchy and burning all day. And unless you use a pest control method that eliminates the queen, you aren’t getting rid of them any time soon.

No matter which types of ants you find around your property, all of them are an unwelcome addition. Prevent annoying bugs from eating you out of house and home and hire our expert exterminators.


Flea Control Tulsa

You might think that dogs are the only ones that need to worry about fleas, but you would be shocked to learn how common they remain. As a type of parasite, they can transmit diseases when they feed off of you, much like mosquitoes do outdoors.

Unfortunately, they’re next to impossible to spot with just your eyes, and they can easily hide deep within carpet floors and area rugs. Once they find a source of food, such as your legs, they’re going to make relaxing a challenging task.

Before fleas make a circus out of your home, you need us to keep them at bay before they leave behind eggs. Contact the expert pest control technicians at Bugs Bros for your best choice in flea maintenance solutions.

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