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Although times have changed, you can still see numerous farms throughout Tulsa, OK growing plenty of wheat, corn, grains, and other crops. And while these plants lead to some unforgettable trips to the local farmer’s market, they also attract a different kind of guest.

Mice, rats, and other rodents all flock to farms because they know that they can always find something to eat. Whether they discover a fresh ear of corn to munch on, or they decide to move into your waste bin, mice quickly take over anywhere that they can.

Unfortunately, that also means that your home could be their next residence, especially if you, too, have fruits and veggies growing on your patio or in the yard. As a result, many are homeowners need an experienced rodent control team to keep their property safe from pests.

At Bug Bros, we continue defending more households from invasive rodents than anyone else in the community. See why we remain the trusted choice after over eight years of service and call our team for better rodent removal services.

Tulsa Mice Control Services

While you can find many species of mice, rats, and other species for sale in any pet store, wild ones are not the kind you want to see around your place. Not only do rodents carry fleas, ticks, diseases, and other nasty items, but they leave a mess in their wake everywhere that they go.

Once they build a nest, however, you’re in for a long fight to prevent further pests from moving in as well. Unfortunately, most male rodents can quickly reproduce dozens of times every hour, leading to multiple liters getting born at one time.

It isn’t until you call in your local rodent control experts to find, remove, and prevent further infestations from happening that you can finally rest easier at night. Unfortunately, not all pest control services provide mice removal, leaving you at risk until you call us.

When expensive national pest franchises fail to provide you with the services that you need, our team is still working hard throughout the community. Contact us for your mice, rats, and rodents and keep your home better protected for less.

Rodent Control Tulsa

When you have only one or two mice scurrying about, one can quickly capture and release them. However, if they have already formed a significant colony, you’ll need to increase your firepower.

While you could lay out mice traps and rodent baits, they only kill mice on the spot. You still must clean up afterward, and that is often not something most homeowners would prefer to do.

Our team, on the other hand, provides in-depth inspections for evidence of rodent infestations, as well as fast and humane removal solutions. When you need to know that the situation gets handled by experienced professional technicians, you won’t find a more qualified group around.

Don’t trust your infestations to just any pest control service. Give your home the best with the Bug Bros.

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