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Tulsa OK Pest Control

The Tulsa, OK community is known for many things, from delicious regional barbecue to dangerous summer storms. However, one thing that more area homeowners forget about is the number of potential pests who also live here as well.

From mosquitos drawn to the hot and humid rainy season to invasive termites, roaches, and bed bugs, there are plenty of things crawling, flying, and trying to enter your home daily. Unless you have a reliable team of experienced pest control professionals, you could soon see evidence of them living with you soon.

At Bug Bros, we’ve been assisting more homeowners throughout Tulsa with effective and long-lasting solutions to more forms of pests. Whether you have termites, mice, cockroaches and more, we always provide a fast and affordable solution when you call us.

No one else keeps you safer from more common pests than our team of dedicated exterminators. See why we’ve remained the trusted choice for over eight years running and hire us today.

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Pest Control Service Tulsa

On how many occasions have you hired a local service provider, only to discover that they aren’t as close as you thought? They may operate from just outside the city, or even from Oklahoma City.
In the end, it takes them several more hours to arrive, and they will quickly run through your job just to check it off of their list. When you need lingering protection from pests, they do little to keep them from coming inside.
Instead, our team remains the fast and convenient solution for any home pest service needs. Contact us for faster arrivals and lower pricing throughout:

  • Arkansas River
  • Brady Arts District
  • Blue Dome District
  • Cherry Street
  • Deco District
  • East Tulsa
  • West Tulsa
  • Owen Park
  • The Pearl
  • Southern Hills
  • Utica Square
  • Owen Park
  • And more immediate Tulsa communities.

Receive the care that you deserve with the experienced pest control professionals at Bug Bros for your best protection from bugs today.

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What Our Customers Say

  • "They Care About Their Customers"

    “BugBros is an excellent example of a company that cares about their customers. They are prompt, and complete! Communication is another thing they are great at! I definitely recommend them to others!”

    – Mechele M.

  • "Quick to Service My Needs"

    “Very satisfied! They were quick to service my needs. Not a company you hope you need to call but it’s nice to know they’re there to help.”

    – Drew H.

  • "Prompt, Reliable, Efficient, Friendly!"

    “Exceptional! Great service all around. Prompt, reliable, efficient, friendly! Thank you for superb service!”

    – Amy S.

Tulsa Pest Control

Not all pest services get made equally, and some just don’t go far enough to provide you the lasting protection that you deserve. When they only bill themselves as termite experts, it means that they can easily miss warning signs from other forms of bugs and rodents.
Instead, nothing gets past our experienced extermination experts who locate and eliminate more daily hazards. From too many spiders patrolling your rooms and yards, to mice who won’t stop eating your baseboards, we can take care of them all quickly.
If you’re tired of paying for pest control that only stops the issue temporarily, we provide the best solutions to more bugs and rodents every day. Contact us to keep your home safer for less from:

  • Termites
  • Ants
  • Bed Bugs
  • Fleas
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Mice & Rodents

Whether you need a one-time exterminator visit, or repeated maintenance applications, we save you more on it all every day. See why more residents turn to us for complete pest control solutions.

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