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Flea Control Siloam Springs

After a fun-filled day of kayaking throughout Siloam Springs, AR, you head home to freshen up again. You toss your wet, dirty clothes into the hamper and you don’t pay it another thought.

Unfortunately, in the middle of the night, you wake yourself up with how itchy your skin feels. Once you get up and check yourself out in the bathroom mirror, you discover dozens of red, irritated bite marks covering your face and arms.

Most homeowners don’t realize how easy it can be to bring fleas home with them after they’ve enjoyed the great outdoors. And when they need to get rid of them quickly, most residents turn to the Bug Bros for the best in local pest control services.

No matter how far that they have already spread or how long they have infested your property, you can count on us to eliminate them all quickly. No one else keeps more households free from biting fleas and other bugs like our experienced extermination team.

Siloam Springs Home Flea Treatment

Whether you own pets, have children, or just need to maintain a safer household, fleas can strike at any time. Most swarms stay attracted to humid, warm living conditions, making your carpets, rugs, towels, and other fabrics an ideal place to start a colony.

Worst still is that, while you may eventually see adult fleas leaping about, the larvae are much more challenging to discover. Even after you think that you’ve gotten rid of them all, a fresh batch of parasites hops out and looks hungry.

Unfortunately, most kits and carpet solutions that you can buy hardly seem effective. And many of these items require you to leave them in place for an entire week, making your carpets feel disgusting when you walk on them.

While it is possible to treat fleas as a Do It Yourself project, the best way to handle them is by moving in quick before they can spread somewhere else. Don’t allow your infestation to worsen and call the local flea control experts today.

What if I Don’t Have Carpet?

Some residents may enjoy a sigh of relief in learning that fleas love carpeted floors. What they don’t understand, however, is that they can live in and around hardwood flooring as well.

Wood surfaces rely on a sub-floor, which traps moisture and allows them a practical place to hide. It isn’t until you see them stuck to your socks that you realize where they are coming from every day.

No matter what your primary source of flooring happens to be, every household has the potential to have fleas infest it. You can’t bank on having one material over the other, as these pests can set up shop virtually anywhere.

For more than eight years of continued pest control services, our team has assisted countless area households in keeping their flea problem in check. No one leaves your place better protected from pests as the Bug Bros do for more homeowners.

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