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Some people may shriek at the first sign of a mouse, while others might see them as cute and cuddly. Unfortunately, when they become a nuisance in your home, the only way to manage them is with professional pest control.

Mice, rats, and other rodents thrive in areas hidden from view that stay dark, cool, and moist, helping them nest. Once they begin producing more offspring, they don’t stop until your entire home becomes overrun, forcing themselves out of hiding.

Because invasive rodents spread quickly, more Hutchinson, KS homeowners know to call in the BugBros when they see mice indoors.

Even when you have a cat living inside, they won’t be enough to take on an entire colony of rats.
Rodents also grow fiercely territorial, and they remain potential carriers of a variety of diseases, and infected fleas as well. The best way to maintain your home from mice and rats is with preventative care and maintenance with our exterminators.

Hutchinson Rodent Control

Rats and mice might not seem like a significant threat to your house, but they have always caused homeowners grief. Not only do they cause property damage from gnawing building materials and stealing food, but they can soon cause sickness.

Rodents were primarily to blame for the mass Bubonic Plague, even if the true culprits were their fleas and parasites. Rats and mice seek out sources of water and nourishment, potentially infecting you and your family members soon after infestations.

Choosing our experienced local exterminators remains the best way to discover rodents and to prevent them from spreading to others. Your neighbors and friends will thank you, and your family will stay safer from contracting ailments or worsening their asthma.

When you need to know that your home receives the highest level of defense against pests, call us today. Our exterminators guarantee the best results for your rodent control services, as well as our affordable pricing, offered every day.

Why Hire Us?

Many people wonder why bring in the big guns when they can just purchase a cheap box of rodent poison? While rat pellets and bait traps may work for one or two rodents prowling your yard, it doesn’t handle others.

When you have dozens of rodents crawling through your walls and damaging your property, you need a practical approach now. We employ a variety of tactics that we know will get results fast, helping you to keep your home safe.

Rodents never stop breeding more, and they can start making offspring a little more than a month after getting born. If you have seen even one rat, mouse, or other pest scurrying around your home, there is likely more hiding.

Hiring professional exterminators for rodent control services are not something you want to wait on until a problem turns severe. Hire our team today to give your home the best in complete pest control solutions.

See why we remain your trusted rodent exterminators. Choose the BugBros today for mice control.

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