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People still celebrate the rich Wild West history that remains alive and well in Dodge City, Kansas. And while you’ll find no shortage of old west sheriffs protecting the town from harm, today’s invaders remain much harder to see with your eyes.

Spiders, ants, fleas, and other common pests all remain prevalent for most of the year. And once the severe summer thunderstorms strike or the colder winter months settle in, they all seek out shelter inside of your home.

At Bug Bros, we remain the trusted choice for local pest control solutions. Whatever pests are pestering you and your loved ones, we have convenient and affordable service options every day.

See why, for more than eight years of continued exterminator service, that our team remains the ideal choice for any bug infestation. Call us now for complete pest control options.


Dodge City Kansas Spider Control

Our state has long gotten known for staying a rough and tumble region, facing tornadoes, dangerous thunderstorms, flammable droughts, and more daily hazards. Unfortunately, that also means that, if you do find a spider near your property, it is likely a potentially dangerous one.

Whether an arachnid is venomous or not, all spiders bite when they feel threatened. And when you come at them with a rolled-up newspaper, you better believe they will defend themselves.

Not all spiders can send you to the Emergency Room, but few make peaceful roommates. Keep your loved ones safe from potentially deadly arachnids and contact us today.


Ant Control Dodge City

Ants won’t just ruin a picnic, but they can prevent you from ever stepping out into your backyard again. The longer that ant hills are allowed to remain ignored, the faster that they spread underground.

Once they develop an entire network throughout your lawns, you’ll find it nearly impossible to rely on pest control products sold in stores. Unless you have our experienced extermination team on the job, you won’t eliminate the queen any time soon.

No matter what kinds of ants you have surrounding your property, you need us to take care of them quickly. Choose our team of experienced exterminator professionals for complete ant control options.


Flea Control Tulsa

Many area residents may think that, unless they have a dog or cat living inside of their home, that they don’t need to worry about attracting fleas. However, these tiny parasites can thrive in many different places, even when they don’t have animals around to feed them.

Much like mosquitos, fleas will happily turn to you to drink your blood and feed it to recently hatched eggs. Before you realize it, your entire home has insects living throughout your carpets, rugs, sink drains, and other areas.

While you could attempt a Do It Yourself treatment option by sprinkling powdered chemicals onto your carpets, there is no guarantee that they will work as well as you had hoped. Instead, you need the ideal pest control solutions provided by the Bug Bros for protection.

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