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Flea Control Dodge City

When the typical Dodge City, KS homeowner thinks about the sorts of pests that their house faces, they likely imagine cockroaches, termites, or territorial spiders. However, what they may not picture at first are throngs of tiny fleas taking over their living spaces.

Although relatively harmless, fleas remain a type of blood-sucking parasite, like mosquitos, which could quickly spread disease through feeding on multiple hosts. And when you have an entire family, including children, pets, and adults, staying in one convenient place, it means that your fleas quickly multiply.

The trusted way to defend your household from pests of all sizes is by turning to Bug Bros for the best quality of control solutions around. We can assist you with any species of bug or rodent, including invasive flea colonies.

When you have red, itchy skin and carpet that houses thousands of biting pests, you can’t afford to wait for help. Call us now for your fastest, more reliable choice in local pest control services.

Dodge City Home Flea Treatment

At first, you only seem to have fleas jumping around your living room carpet floors. The following day, however, it feels as though no room inside of your house is safe.

The reason why is how incredibly fast that these pests can spread. One adult female can lay upwards of 25 eggs every day, and they can live for at least an entire week after maturing.

And considering it only takes about two weeks for new eggs to hatch, you can quickly start a never-ending cycle of pests continuing in your home. That is why, as soon as you discover fleas feeding off of you and your loved ones, you need to contact us for help.

We guarantee the best results possible for any of your pest control needs, and you can always expect the lowest pricing every day. See why more area homeowners trust their homes to our talented team of exterminators.

Why Eliminate Fleas?

You may think that fleas are only a threat when there is a dog or cat around. However, as parasites, fleas can quickly transmit any number of ailments when they feed off of you for blood.

Whether you find yourself sensitive to insect bites or aren’t aware of any existing allergies, you could soon see yourself ill. Contact us to eliminate your flea threat before they can infect you with:

  • Parasitic Dermatitis
  • Lyme Disease/Bartonella
  • Rickettsia
  • Tapeworms
  • Murine Typhus
  • Mycoplasma haemofelis
  • The Plague
  • Cat Scratch Disease
  • And other transmittable diseases.

Some of the ailments that these pests can cause may only affect animals, while some are specific to humans. No matter who is living inside of your home, they remain at risk as long as fleas stay alive indoors.

Unfortunately, the longer that you ignore their presence in your living spaces, the higher the risk that someone is catching a severe illness. Give your household and your loved ones the best protection possible by hiring the exterminators at Bug Bros today.

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