How To Tell If Your Home Has A Bed Bug Problem

bed bug signs on a mattress

Bed bugs are pests no one wants inside their home. Infestations multiply and are usually too difficult to manage alone. It is a common misconception that bed bugs only infest dirty homes. The truth is any property is susceptible to these pests. Because of this, all should know how to identify a bed bug problem.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Bed bugs can be challenging to identify because of their small size. Fully grown they are only about ¼ of an inch long. They are flat, oval-shaped, and reddish-brown.
Bed bugs can be confused for other insects such as ticks, fleas, and beetles. This also makes it challenging to identify these insects correctly, and without proper identification, you will not be able to rid your home of bed bugs. However, bed bugs have specific behaviors and feeding patterns that you can use to help identify them.

What Are Signs Of Bed Bugs?

The first signs of bed bugs include bites. The following traits can identify bed bug bites:

  • The bite itself usually goes unnoticed but appears to be a red dot afterward. Because of the nature of bed bugs, people with an infestation will usually have multiple bites, not just one. The bite may become inflamed and irritated.
  • Bed bugs feed on people at night when they are sleeping. This is because they are nocturnal.

Other signs of bed bugs include:

  • You may notice blood stains on your bedding and pajamas. 
  • Bed bugs molt, which means you may find shed bed bug skins if you have an infestation.
  • Fecal stains from the bug are another sign to look out for.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

People assume that these bugs are only ever found on or near sleeping areas because of their name. This is untrue. Bed bugs can be found all over a home. Places you may find bed bugs if you have an infestation in your home include:

  • In the seams of all furniture, not just upholstered furniture 
  • Between cushions and in the crevices of couches and chairs
  • In the folds and seams of curtains
  • Under wallpaper that is loose or peeling
  • In seams or corners such as where the wall meets the ceiling, in electrical appliances, and in drawer joints
  • Under area rugs, usually by the edges rather than in the center

Bed bugs are unknowingly brought into homes by residents. It is good practice to keep bags and clothes off floors when traveling. If you purchase secondhand objects, including bags, furniture, and electrical appliances, you should thoroughly inspect and clean these items before bringing them into your home.

How Do I Handle A Bed Bug Infestation?

If you spot signs of a bed bug infestation in your home, the best thing to do is contact the professionals at Bug Bros Pest Control. Bed bug infestations can get out of control quickly due to their rapid reproduction rate. It is best to contact Bug Bros Pest Control immediately after the first signs of these insects. 
Because of the nature of bed bugs, we have created a Bed Bug Prep Sheet for you to review and implement while you wait for us to eradicate these bugs from your home. This prep sheet includes stripping beds, vacuuming, and washing all clothes. Your participation is an integral part of the extermination process and will help ensure the total elimination of bed bugs from your property in a timely manner. With our control offerings for bed bugs, we guarantee you will be a #CrazyHappyCustomer.

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