How Did These Ants Get Into My Tulsa Home?

preview full carpenter ant crawling on a home foundation

Ants are unwanted insects that can quietly enter your home and spread contaminants. They are communal and form large groups or colonies composed of males, queens, and workers that each has different roles. Ants in Tulsa can flourish in most environments and there are thousands of different species.

Common Types Found In Tulsa

Some of the most common types of ants in this region include odorous house ants, pavement ants, carpenter ants, and pharaoh ants. They typically range in size, from 1/8th of an inch to one inch in length. Regardless of the type, ants will remain indoors when they have access to sources of food and water. 

Why Ants Enter Homes

Depending on the specific species, ants may create nests in soil, along sidewalks and driveways, inside tree stumps, or other areas in proximity to your home. Their small size allows them to easily gain entry through very small openings in search of food, which they are adept at doing because of their excellent detection capabilities using their antennae. When a food source is discovered, ants generate pheromone chemicals that act as a means of communicating the news to others. 

Activity When Indoors

Ants often are first encountered in areas that provide access to food and/or water, like kitchens and bathrooms. In a matter of days or weeks, they can expand through cabinets, pantry area, basements, attics, and more. During their travel, ants can spread germs that may contaminate food, plates, utensils, and other items. 

The Importance Of Regular Cleaning

Cleanliness is tremendously important for preventing troublesome ants. Failing to remove crumbs and spills on countertops or floors is a common problem. Dirty dishes should not be left out overnight, and trash cans should have functional lids that restrict easy access. It is best to check under objects resting on the floor for any food debris that may otherwise not be visible. 

Best Practices For Preventing Ants

  • Swiftly repair any water problems that arise, such as leaking faucets or pipes that create moisture.
  • Conduct an inspection of the home’s foundation to identify any cracks that may have developed, and fill them using a sturdy sealant material.
  • Check the seals around your exterior entryways and windows for any openings that could allow access.
  • Apply weather sealant and sweeps along the base of doors.
  • Trash cans that contain food particles should be routinely taken outside 
  • Remember to thoroughly clean any areas where you discover ants, and remove their scent using an all-purpose cleaner, a mix of baking soda and vinegar, or other agents.

Do I Need To Contact A Professional Exterminator?

Makers of do-it-yourself pest removal products tend to market their sprays, gels, and traps in ways that are largely exaggerated. Most of these store-bought solutions are ineffective in fully eliminating deeply-rooted nests and breeding grounds of pests. Furthermore, many of these products may contain chemicals that can be hazardous to the health of you and your family. 

Learn More About Getting Rid Of Ants 

BugBros was just featured in a Redfin article about getting rid of ants in your apartment. Click the link for even more tips on how to get rid of them fast:

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Experienced Local Pest Control Provider In Tulsa

The experts at BugBros Pest Control have been successfully eradicating infestations from rodents, ants, bed bugs, and other destructive invaders for many years. We thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior of the property to assess the presence of pests, the extent of the intrusion, and identify remedies that prevent future infiltrations. 
Did you know that we now offer year-round residential protection plans where our licensed team members visit your home quarterly to ensure that the property remains free of pests? We are confident that you will be satisfied and back our work with a 100% Crazy Happy Guarantee! Please contact us today for an onsite inspection and estimate. 

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We're the highest-rated around because we're incredibly passionate about our craft. As a matter of fact, our Crazy Happy Customers have given us a perfect 5.0 rating on 1,500+ reviews. That's unheard of! See for yourself why our raving fans have placed us head & shoulders above the competition.

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Julie DavisJulie Davis
16:53 01 Dec 23
Dustin always answers my questions well. They are always friendly and helpful. Excellent customer service.
Tiffany CavariTiffany Cavari
13:51 01 Dec 23
My Bug Bro was Dustin. He was educated on his product, procedures, and had great personality. Easy to talk too. I’ve had a recent activity with roaches. I am a new home owner. Prepping was extensive but well worth it. Make sure you prep.
Payge HollyPayge Holly
20:23 30 Nov 23
BugBros has been a great company to work with. Always prompt, professional, friendly, and efficient. Highly recommend.
22:44 29 Nov 23
Adam KingAdam King
21:15 29 Nov 23
Judy HillshaferJudy Hillshafer
15:11 29 Nov 23
This is a young business and do a very good job inside and outside. They honor their guarantee and return if any problem .We highly recommend this serviceUpdate 10/02/2020 We continue to be very happy with this Company. Phil Tubb was just here and very knowledgeable and did a great job. They... were here 3 months ago as scheduled - we have seen Spiders in that time but happily all dead.Wish these guys continued success.Wayne and Judy HillshaferUpdate May7, 2021We had service yesterday and our technician was David Walker - kudos to the company and David for a great job!!We have fought being invaded by little black ants every Spring since we moved in here in 2016. David came in yesterday for routine 3 month spray. He not only treated the bathroom area where we see them but he took the time to find the source and how they were getting in. Thanks to a competitor who had done a previous Termite treatment a hole on the outside was the access point. David showed my husband and Wayne did an immediate patch job- no ants this morning!!! Good job David!Thank you Bug Brothers and David Walker!We highly recommend BugBrothers and their very competent technicians.Update Nov. 29, 2023Outstanding service once again by technician Erin - very nice, prompt, and knowledgeable.I had requested extra adhesive traps. He replaced traps we had in place and left extra as requested... We have a nosey little white Maltese and he also told me how to remove inquisitive little white dogs from traps without having to shave. Good information! Thank you Erin.Merry Christmas to the great crew at Big Brothers!read more
Jonathan WashingtonJonathan Washington
22:24 28 Nov 23
Fantastic job!!
Melinda VossMelinda Voss
21:58 28 Nov 23
Victoria HatleyVictoria Hatley
18:25 28 Nov 23
These guys are the best! Always professional! Such a great company!
Marty HillMarty Hill
17:09 28 Nov 23
Erin is very respectful and performs a great service!
Jane GreenJane Green
00:00 28 Nov 23
They addressed an earlier rodent issue that has been taken care of. Hurray!!! I am so grateful to Bug Brothers for eradicating this issue!!
Lea Ann MacomberLea Ann Macomber
20:40 27 Nov 23
Daya RelliDaya Relli
18:26 27 Nov 23
Prompt service
Brian TreeshBrian Treesh
17:02 27 Nov 23
Erik did an amazing job! Very thorough and explained the whole process. I highly recommend Erik and Big Bros if your having a bug problem!
laurie Forestlaurie Forest
23:01 21 Nov 23
Jon E. was friendly, polite, informative and efficient. This was my first service and I am very pleased with the job.
Chelsea SmithChelsea Smith
22:45 21 Nov 23
Always reliable
21:41 21 Nov 23
Everything went great on time and as described
Mike LandersMike Landers
18:46 21 Nov 23
Dustin and the guys at Bug Bros do an excellent job of keeping my home pest free. The service is always prompt and professional. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Bug Bros for all your pest control needs.
Karen NeillKaren Neill
15:11 21 Nov 23
Erin was great. Thanks so much!
Nancy ThomasNancy Thomas
17:30 19 Nov 23
Thank you, Dustin. Great job.
Isabel “Izzie” HIsabel “Izzie” H
19:49 17 Nov 23
Shane SShane S
16:19 17 Nov 23
Erin always does a great job when he comes out. Live on a large acreage and they do a great job.
Soon KwonSoon Kwon
21:48 16 Nov 23
Mariah OlazagastiMariah Olazagasti
19:28 16 Nov 23
Erin, did a great job. Was on time, nice, and answered all of my questions.
Margarita NietoMargarita Nieto
15:39 16 Nov 23
William LawrieWilliam Lawrie
19:35 15 Nov 23
Shawn HammondShawn Hammond
14:12 15 Nov 23
Dustin and all the BugBro folks we've dealt with were beyond top notch. Idk where they find these guys but each one is outgoing and really enjoys what they do.
Elizabeth LoweElizabeth Lowe
15:05 14 Nov 23
Professional, respectful, and worked with my schedule
Armando SanchezArmando Sanchez
17:33 11 Nov 23
Tech was fast and friendly and made me feel like he was actually trying to take care of my needs and not just get the job done
Jason BriggsJason Briggs
18:55 10 Nov 23
Both technicians who have been sent to our house have been patient, friendly , efficient and answered every question we had.I would recommend this company as a go to for pest control.
Cathy RossCathy Ross
18:06 10 Nov 23
Great service even better people
Jose GuzmanJose Guzman
00:57 10 Nov 23
Erin was a pro from start to finish! Thank you
Emma EmersonEmma Emerson
21:38 09 Nov 23
Love bug bros! Each team member is professional, courteous and thorough! Would highly recommend!
kristi Gavlikkristi Gavlik
18:00 09 Nov 23
I love BugBros!!!
Joshua AtwoodJoshua Atwood
14:50 09 Nov 23
Morgan MitchellMorgan Mitchell
22:12 08 Nov 23
My first experience was amazing! My tech was early and got the job done fast with no interruptions to my work call that I was on. Will definitely be a repeat customer!
Emmitt KnappEmmitt Knapp
19:24 08 Nov 23
Jonathon was very professional, and had the layout quickly , so that I could return to work. We got together for an informative meeting (and stories about the dog’s conquests) covering what we had done, and what to look forward to with the weather changing. Thanks Again Jonathon!
Linda WilliamsLinda Williams
17:46 08 Nov 23
BugBros has been our pest control service for a few years now, and they always do great. We've had NO bugs in our house, except maybe a couple flies that came through the front door. We'd recommend them to anyone because they're affordable, polite, on time, and easy to reach. We appreciate them... immensely. Erin was our technician this last time and, as always, did a fantastic job!read more
Cameron MorrisCameron Morris
16:49 08 Nov 23
Erin and Dustin have both been out recently and been great
Randy BoomgardenRandy Boomgarden
15:53 08 Nov 23
Scott ClaysonScott Clayson
23:04 06 Nov 23
Just an update….our home is still bug free and Jon did an extremely thorough job and is friendly and responsive. You can definitely tell that your company has an incredible culture. Hey guys! I just have to say how absolutely impressed I am with your company! The communication and the... effectiveness of your treatment is FAR superior to anything I have ever experienced. Two years ago I had mosquito treatment and it literally did not even last 3 days. With yours I didn't see any signs of mosquitoes until right at the end of 30 days! Phil is OUTSTANDING! He also noticed a few other things and took care of those as well! You can tell he really cares! Anyways just wanted to let you know that as long as I live where you guys service, I will be a BugBros Crazy Happy Customer! You guys ROCK!read more
Tou ChangTou Chang
22:35 06 Nov 23
Bug Bros always do a great job, they are professional and courteous, conscious of your time, and inform you of what service they're providing before and during the visit.I also want to give a big shout out to Erin. He is polite, informative, and goes above and beyond to take care of my pest... control needs. He may be the best exterminator I've had so far to come out and service my house. Thanks for the good work and help bro, I appreciate it!read more
Traci JohnsonTraci Johnson
16:51 06 Nov 23
David JuergensDavid Juergens
15:30 06 Nov 23
Professional and courteous.
Michelle TuttleMichelle Tuttle
18:52 04 Nov 23
We are very happy with the service we received. They were on time and reasonably priced and were very knowledgeable. I highly recommend them to anyone who has a pest problem.
Ann DunaganAnn Dunagan
18:42 04 Nov 23
Erik was very personable. He told me exactly what he was doing and why (which is important to me). He answered all my questions. Great job!
Krista WolfeKrista Wolfe
17:36 04 Nov 23
Erin was on time, Professional and very friendly. My 2 goofy dogs were going crazy and he handled it like a champ. We have had many good experiences with the company and their employees. I highly recommend using this company
Ronnie RayRonnie Ray
14:23 04 Nov 23
Great service. I couldn't be more pleased.
andrew netzerandrew netzer
13:15 04 Nov 23
Shonna NelsonShonna Nelson
15:02 03 Nov 23
Wonderful service & quality provided.
Don AllisonDon Allison
14:07 03 Nov 23
Professional, courteous, thorough communication, and timely.
Ann HollowayAnn Holloway
23:12 02 Nov 23
Prompt, thorough, friendly and he made an extra effort to take down a giant wasp nest for me! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Audrey StansellAudrey Stansell
17:34 02 Nov 23
17:01 02 Nov 23
Downer DuoDowner Duo
14:27 02 Nov 23
Excellent customer service! Erin was very polite and helpful!
Mary Ann McNealMary Ann McNeal
21:45 01 Nov 23
Rene was awesome very congenial was on time dressed professionally we had a knat problem and he took care of that it was all good
Kirk FarrellKirk Farrell
12:04 01 Nov 23
Dustin was great! He was punctual, kind, professional, and informative. I really appreciate his help.
Jackson LandrumJackson Landrum
15:01 31 Oct 23
John was a true professional in conducting his work. He gave me sense of peace.
Jill MerrellJill Merrell
22:04 30 Oct 23
Dustin was right on time and extremely professional! He is welcome to come back anytime. I highly recommend Bug Bros.
Erick DobrichErick Dobrich
20:25 27 Oct 23
Our gentleman is awesome 💯😎
Lauren GuzmanLauren Guzman
18:13 27 Oct 23
I was told my appointment would be between 12-4. My technician, Erin, was at my property by 12:30. Erin called to confirm a few details, was very personable and professional, and then got to work. I feel like the pricing is very reasonable and I’m hoping to have the creepy critters resolved quickly!
Terri WillcutTerri Willcut
14:31 27 Oct 23
Genesis WagnerGenesis Wagner
19:30 26 Oct 23
Erin, our technician, is prompt, charismatic and pays attention to the details. He is phenomenal.
16:24 26 Oct 23
Roger JonesRoger Jones
17:43 25 Oct 23
Jack ReacherJack Reacher
21:39 24 Oct 23
kendall goodmankendall goodman
16:04 21 Oct 23
Ben ZambalisBen Zambalis
14:58 21 Oct 23
Excellent service. I've had my house sprayed several times.This Tech is the best by far. The attention to detail. René was our Tech.
Mandi Ford ArgoMandi Ford Argo
13:12 21 Oct 23
Jon was great! He was so friendly and professional, and did a really great job. Thanks Jon!
Emily OrdazEmily Ordaz
22:41 20 Oct 23
Erin was extremely professional and knowledgeable!!!
Julie BringleJulie Bringle
21:27 20 Oct 23
Erik did a very thorough job and was very knowledgeable when I asked several questions.
Bailey ClarkBailey Clark
15:49 20 Oct 23
Dustin was very knowledgeable and professional. He was on time and finished in a timely manner! Will be using in the future.
Travis DruryTravis Drury
19:25 19 Oct 23
On time and friendly service.
18:32 19 Oct 23
I filled out a form on a Friday and had an appointment the following Friday. Took less than a week. I was put on a plan which I can actually afford. The technician came to my house. He was professional, personable, courteous, and reassured me my problem was not as bad as I thought it was or... expected it to be.Erin came out today and was awesome. Courteous, professional, and informative. He asked if he could come sooner than my appointment time and I wish I could give 12/10 stars. I will continue to use this business.Give Erin a raise. He was so nice and helpful. He even got rid of the dead body that was in my kitchen. (It was a spider)read more
Ken MalloyKen Malloy
17:56 18 Oct 23
I have never written a more positive review of a company. I had a serious fly problem in my kitchen. Literally hundreds that I had caught over the last month, but they just kept coming. I tried all sorts of products. Finally, I called Bug Bros and John came out and had a magic spray. He said... the problem would go away overnight. This morning NO FLIES. I couldn’t believe any service could be so effective. My previous pest control had no cure for flies. So, I gave Bug Bros my annual contract. John was very knowledgeable and personable. He took the time to explain what he was doing, and it worked better that I could have more
Madison KingMadison King
17:25 18 Oct 23
Jim CarperJim Carper
22:44 17 Oct 23
A great representative for BugBros Pest Control! He did a great job with spraying and protecting our property from bugs and did so with exceptional customer service and strong knowledge of our issues.
Tom HornTom Horn
22:38 17 Oct 23
René was my BugBros representative. He was so knowledgeable and great at explaining the whole process to me. We have had a mouse problem lately, and I am confident that we are in good hands with BugBros. Count us among the #CrazyHappyCustomers!
Nick KernsNick Kerns
20:45 17 Oct 23
Erin did a great job
James TiltnJames Tiltn
01:22 17 Oct 23
Jess McLainJess McLain
23:57 16 Oct 23
We love bug Bros. ! They respond everytime. They get the job done so I can sleep at night. Dustin went right to work, as I was busy with kids.
Scott ButlerScott Butler
22:28 16 Oct 23
Very happy with the service
Phil McDonaldPhil McDonald
14:54 16 Oct 23
Gave great explanation on what to expect with the roaches we've been seeing.
Ashlee MastersonAshlee Masterson
18:56 14 Oct 23
Robin MatthewRobin Matthew
16:17 12 Oct 23
Katie KlinglerKatie Klingler
15:55 12 Oct 23
charlie hercharlie her
14:52 12 Oct 23
Tech was great 😊
Julie DunnJulie Dunn
04:28 12 Oct 23
Miller SteadleyMiller Steadley
18:43 11 Oct 23
Erin was polite and professional. He did a great job and I’m crazy happy!
18:06 11 Oct 23
Sherrie StottlemyreSherrie Stottlemyre
16:39 11 Oct 23
Always friendly and courteous, we are crazy happy customers!!Erin came out this time and we are so happy with all the guys so far!Highly recommend!!
Chris IversonChris Iverson
15:55 11 Oct 23
BugBros has been awesome to work with! We looked around for companies to service our property and everyone we talked to was pushy and wanted us to sign year long outrageous contracts. Not BugBros, they were courteous and worked with us to get the right service at the right time for the best price.... Our specialist, Erin, has been out a few times and is one of the nicest and humble people we have ever worked with. His professionalism is beyond expectations. We appreciate BugBros ease of scheduling and never pressuring us for more services. At this point, they are our go-to for pest more
Leslie EvansLeslie Evans
14:16 09 Oct 23
20:17 07 Oct 23
These guys never fail to meet expectations. Always on time and very friendly. If you need them to come out for a quick bug blast between scheduled services they are happy to oblige.
Vanessa FranklinVanessa Franklin
18:06 07 Oct 23
Paul OwensPaul Owens
14:44 07 Oct 23
I was very pleased by the professional and outstanding service we received from our technician Erik. We have used BugBros for a couple years now and are always pleased with their service.
13:40 07 Oct 23
Emily LovellEmily Lovell
21:41 06 Oct 23
Dustin was pleasant, polite and professional! He explained our first treatment thoroughly and completed the job efficiently. Highly recommend!
Esther OkoduwaEsther Okoduwa
03:10 06 Oct 23
Service was great and the agent performed a good job
Lindsey SnowLindsey Snow
15:25 05 Oct 23
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