How Bad Is It To Have Bed Bugs In Your Tulsa Home?


Have your kids asked about the monster under the bed? We’re pretty sure there are no monsters under the bed, but there might be pests in the bed. Bed bugs are a common problem for homeowners across the United States. They won’t eat your children, but they might try to drink your blood. Are you prepared to protect your family from bed bugs? Learn why it’s important to control this pest and who to call if they make it into your home.

Bed Bugs And Humans

Bed bugs feed on blood from mammals like your pets and your family. They feed at night while you’re sleeping and might leave you with several itchy bumps anywhere you have exposed skin. Although there’s a common misconception that bed bugs only live in unclean places, the reality is that bed bugs can live anywhere that humans can. They are hitchhiker bugs and will travel in suitcases, clothing, electronics, and furniture. You can pick up bed bugs at a hotel, resort, airport, restaurant, movie theater, or even school. Once they are in your home, they can spread throughout the house. Now is the time to call the experts at BugBros!

The Monster In The Bed

Although the name suggests that bed bugs only live in beds, they can spread far beyond the bedroom. Bed bugs may be found in furniture, carpet, drawers, and electronics. They seek out warm, dark areas. The good news is that bed bugs aren’t associated with any diseases. However, just because they don’t carry disease doesn’t mean they are a welcome guest.

Bed bugs bite at night, and this can cause several issues. You may find yourself with insomnia as the bugs wake you up throughout the night, whether you can feel them crawling or biting. Their bites can be quite itchy, and you may end up with infections from scratching them. If you have a severe enough infestation, or if bed bugs are in your home long enough, you could even develop anemia. Bed bugs aren’t really a monster, but they are a dangerous pest to have around, and one you should control as soon as possible. Keep reading to find out how!

Bed Bug Control

The best approach to bed bug control is prevention. You can avoid problems by making it a habit to always check for bed bugs before sitting on fabric seats or placing bags on the floor. Check for bugs, parts of dead bugs, or dark stains that could be from blood or fecal matter. Once bed bugs get into your home, DIY(do it yourself) control is nearly impossible. Bed bugs can spread throughout the house, and you may not know which rooms are infested. Any attempts to control bed bugs will be ineffective if you don’t target every bug in the house. Many do-it-yourself products only eliminate adult bed bugs, meaning you’ll have a second wave of bed bugs once the eggs hatch.

Rather than fighting with bed bugs on your own, we recommend professional help. At BugBros, we don’t just have the tools to effectively combat bed bugs; we also have years of experience and training. Our bed bug treatment programs will target the bugs at all stages of maturity and in every room of your house. Don’t put up with bed bugs living between your sheets. Call the professionals at BugBros to find out how we can help keep your family safe!

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Joshua was friendly, professional, and did a thorough job. He addressed each problem I mentioned and went the extra mile to make sure I was satisfied with the treatment. I would recommend this company to anyone.
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Josh was informative, kind, and funny! He even went out of his way to put rat poison he found on the ground in a safe place away from where our fur babies could get to it. Wow! Service like this, in any industry, is hard to find.
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Justin came out and was very professional explaining the treatment process and next steps. Looking forward to seeing some results.
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Joshua and Dustin did a great job helping take care of our home and get rid of the pests!
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Joshua was professional and efficient.
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Eric was awesome! Very friendly and professional!
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John explained and executed the service thoroughly and was friendly. Looking forward to working with them.
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I've never had a pest company NOT guarantee their work and retreat in 3 weeks if needed afterwards!? I used them because they had great ratings. Sadly, I would NOT recommend this company and hopefully I can prevent someone else wasting their money them. If you like a crook, you will love them!
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