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Glenpool, OK Pest Control

Glenpool is a city in Tulsa County, located about 14 miles away from the city of Tulsa. If you’re tired of dealing with insects, rodents, and other pests around your Glenpool home or business, then it’s time to contact the skilled pest control professionals here at BugBros Pest Control. We are passionate about providing excellent pest management services that will eliminate your current pest problems and prevent new pests from invading in the future.

Our skilled bug assassins have what it takes to target and eliminate your pest problems at their source. When it comes to keeping your Glenpool home or business from pests, you can’t go wrong with the professionals from BugBros Pest Control by your side. Give us a call today for more details about our residential and commercial pest control services or to request your free quote.


Home Pest Control In Glenpool, OK

When you own a home, it’s your top priority to keep it protected from harm. But when pests invade your residential property, they threaten the security of your home and the safety of your family.

Avoid the destruction, diseases, and disturbances that pests cause by putting into place an ongoing home pest control plan from BugBros Pest Control. Our goal is to get to the root of your pest problems and prevent them from reoccurring.

At BugBros Pest Control, our general pest control services are designed to keep pests out of your Glenpool home throughout the entire year. We’ll develop a unique treatment plan tailored to your specific needs so you receive the most effective results possible.

In addition to our general pest control options, we also offer a variety of specialty services to eliminate specific pests, such as bed bugs, rodents, mosquitoes, and more. Reach out to BugBros Pest Control today to receive the ongoing care you deserve.

Commercial Pest Control In Glenpool, OK

It takes a lot of time, investment, and effort to make your Glenpool business a success. So why would you let invading pests put all of your hard work to waste? When pests such as cockroaches and rodents get into your commercial facility, they cause many problems. Pests contaminate food items, spread dangerous diseases, damage important equipment, and ultimately create a loss of revenue for your business.

Your best defense against destructive and dangerous pests is comprehensive commercial pest control solutions from BugBros Pest Control. Our commercial pest control plans are fully customized to meet the individual needs of your Glenpool business. With over 30 years of combined experience in the pest control industry, we have the skills and expertise needed to eliminate your commercial pest problems at their source. Don’t wait, contact BugBros Pest Control today to find out how we protect Glenpool businesses from pests!

How To Protect Your Glenpool Home From Termite Infestations

Did you know that termites cause more damage to properties than storms, fires, and earthquakes combined? Although termites might look small, they are capable of inflicting serious damage to your Glenpool property if left undetected. Each year, termites cost United States property owners more than 5 billion dollars.

To avoid dealing with termite damage in your home or business, it’s important to remove factors that may encourage termites to invade your property. Avoid attracting termites to your Glenpool property by following the termite prevention tips listed below:

  • Avoid using mulch around your property.
  • Keep an 18-inch barrier between the soil and wooden portions of your home.
  • Repair leaking or broken pipes, drains, and faucets.
  • Minimize sources of excess moisture.
  • Keep your gutters clean and well-maintained.
  • Eliminate entry points by sealing gaps and cracks in your foundation.
  • Keep an eye out for signs of termite activity, such as mud tubes and discarded wings.

When termites take over your Glenpool property, it can be a frustrating problem to deal with. But when you partner with the skilled bug assassins here at BugBros Pest Control, you can rest assured that we’ll protect your home from termites year-round.

Why Calling The Pros Is The Best Solution To Fleas & Ticks On Your Glenpool Property

Fleas and ticks are a significant problem for Glenpool homeowners. Both pests pose health risks and have the potential to spread a variety of dangerous diseases. When fleas enter your home, they multiply at a rapid rate, making them nearly impossible to control without professional help. If ticks live on your lawn and around your home, they can bite you or your family and transmit diseases that can have a serious impact on your health.

The best solution to protect your Glenpool home and family from fleas and ticks is to contact the professionals at BugBros Pest Control. Our technicians are proud to offer customized flea and tick control services, depending on your needs. We typically rely on two methods of treatment: a liquid residual product and an aerosol pesticide. If you’re ready to experience life without pest problems, reach out to BugBros Pest Control today.

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