Flea Preparation Steps

Your To-Do List Before Treatment

We'll treat the cracks and crevices of your home with a general pesticide spray which will kill everything from fleas to spiders, ants, beetles, crickets - you name it. Please give us as much access to the floor and baseboards as possible.

Fleas love hiding in dark places, so you'll want to clear everything off the floor of all closets (including hall closets) and underneath all beds. You can put everything in the garage or somewhere out of the way like on top of your bed. Make sure your yard does not have any kid or pet toys in it and the grass is mowed down.

Everyone, including pets, will need to be gone for 3 hours. In between appointments it is important to vacuum as often as possible; every day is recommended. This applies to all floors, not just carpeted floors. The vibration of the vacuum sends a signal to the flea eggs that a host is nearby and it is time to hatch. The faster they hatch, the faster they will go through our treatment, the faster they will die, and the faster we can break the life cycle. Do not treat with any pesticides of your own as they can negatively interfere with our treatment.

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