Bed Bug Preparation Steps

Your To-Do List Before Treatment

Your active participation is crucial to a successful bed bug treatment. While others ask you to spend hours preparing your home, your prep work should only take a few minutes with BugBros. You'll need to do the following steps before each bed bug treatment:

1. Remove the bedding from the beds, remove contents of the drawers of any furniture immediately adjacent to a bed, couch, or place someone sleeps (or spends time sitting in), and pick up any clothes or blankets laying on the floor or in open baskets/bins. Place them in trash bags & tie them up tight so no bugs can escape & spread elsewhere.

2. Wash & dry all items above on HOT. You will need to be out of the house for 3 hours after the treatment. We recommend taking all of this laundry with you to a laundromat during this time because it is a lot easier to wash & dry many loads of laundry all at once than it is to wash in your home over the course of many days. Also, without the laundry, there will be more room for the technician to work. You do not need to remove or wash the clothes hanging in your closet.

3. Remove everything from under the beds & declutter as much as possible throughout the home (especially the bedrooms) to give us room to work. We will treat all of the mattresses in the home. We will treat your bed frames, so having everything removed from under the beds will allow us to treat more thoroughly. Next we will treat all of the furniture in your home, which is why we ask you to declutter. We will be flipping over furniture like couches, dressers, mattresses & chairs during the treatment. We will be respectful of your things, and the less clutter, the more thorough the treatment will be. We will also be spraying baseboards, so the less things in our way the better. You can place items in a garage, bathroom, kitchen or outside so that they're out of the way. If there’s anything still in the way when we get there, our technician may place items in a bag & move them to the garage, bathroom, kitchen or outside.

4. If it's a severe infestation (you've seen multiple or large clusters of bed bugs on your furniture), or if you want the bugs eliminated quicker, we suggest that you vacuum any live bugs you see on your beds, couches & chairs before we come. You’ll want to dispose of them in an outdoor trash can.

5. For each subsequent treatment, you will need to be gone for 3 hours & you will need to repeat Steps 1-4 above. When doing laundry in between treatments, it is important to continue drying everything on HOT. It's also critical to maintain your normal sleeping routines and locations, otherwise you will be spreading the bed bugs into new areas. We'll send you reminders a few days ahead of each treatment to make sure you have time to prep!

6. REMEMBER: This is a process. You may see more activity during the week following each treatment. That's OK! We're interrupting their patterns & it often causes them to look for new nesting areas. Just continue to vacuum any bugs that you see. Do not use any over-the-counter pesticides, as it could counteract our products.

If you have any questions, just text or call us at (855) 593-5455. You're no longer alone - we're here to walk you through every step of the process!

P.S. If you joined our Sleep Tight Club, your bed bug treatment is guaranteed for as long as you choose to remain a member. If you'd like information about joining, just call or text us!

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