Bed Bug Treatment Procedures & Preparation

Bed Bug Treatment Preparation

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The most important part of your bed bug treatment is…YOU! Remember: If you opted for the 30-day Guarantee Treatment, you MUST do everything on this list. If yo’re unable to perform any of them, we may be able to help, so call if you have any questions. The BugBros are standing by to make you Crazy Happy at 855-5-WeKill (593-5455) or [email protected].

Strip Beds
Remove all sheets, blankets, mattress covers, pillow cases, etc. from your bed and wash with hot water and dry with high heat (this kills any bugs). Place them in plastic garbage bags or plastic bins. Place them out of the way somewhere like the garage, dining room table or the bathtub (or in a room that is not going to be treated). Do not put them back on the bed until the following day to ensure the pesticide is completely dry.

Remove Everything From Bedroom, Living Area And Hall Closets
Your closets must be empty, with the exception of your hanging clothes (which may be left). Empty all dressers, side tables and nightstand drawers that are within 3 feet of beds, couches, loveseats, or other upholstered furniture that is being used in the bedrooms or living areas. Remove all clothing, toys, boxes, etc. from bedroom and living area floors. Place items in trash bags out of the way somewhere like the garage, dining room table or the bathtub (or in a room that is not going to be treated).

Wash & Dry ALL Clothing, Towels, and Other Linens – Hot Water & High Heat
This means everything! Place the clean items inside plastic storage bins or plastic garbage bags. You know the drill by now – store them somewhere out of the way.

Vacuum all floors AND all furniture, inside closets, dresser drawers and nightstands. Also vacuum mattresses, box springs, and underneath all beds. If it’s a bagged vacuum, dispose of the vacuum bag in a trash receptacle outside of the home. If it’s bagless, the contents of the canister should be emptied into a trash bag outside of the home and tied shut. The canister should then be washed to remove any remaining bed bugs or eggs.

Move Furniture
If possible, move all furniture (couches, beds, dressers, nightstands, etc.) away from the wall at least 6″. This allows us to get the pesticide in the crack where the floor meets the wall and ensures better treatment. If you’re physically unable, just let us know and we can take care of it.

Remove Wall Covers
Remove all electrical outlet and light switch covers in all bedrooms and living areas that are being used so we can put insecticide dust inside the walls. Bed bugs often live in the walls so this is an important area to treat.

Vacate Property
Please plan on being out of the property for 3 hours after the bed bug treatment (including pets). This gives the chemicals time to settle and dry, ensuring no one is in danger of exposure to the chemicals. You may open the windows when you return to help air out any remaining odor from the chemical.

Bed Bug Treatment Procedures

We’ll treat the cracks and crevices (around all the baseboards) of your home with a general pesticide spray that will kill everything from bed bugs to roaches to ants, spiders, beetles, crickets – you name it. We’ll also treat all of the beds currently in use, along with the bedroom floors and other furniture (as necessary) in the home with an aerosol pesticide specifically designed to kill bed bugs. In addition, we will place dust inside of your bedroom and living area electrical outlets and switches (as long as you’ve removed the covers). Don’t forget, you’ll need to be out of the home for at least 3 hours after the treatment in order for the pesticides to settle and dry.

We also recommend at least two treatments separated by 14 days because the pesticides can’t penetrate the eggs. Often the eggs will hatch after the first treatment and you’ll have babies that we’ll need to get rid of before they become adults and have more babies. Depending on the severity of the problem and how much you’re able to prepare, a third treatment may be needed. On rare occasions a fourth treatment may be necessary.


Bed Bug Treatment Follow Up

Keep Vacuuming & Washing/Drying Your Clothes & Linens On Hot
Vacuum all floors (especially bedrooms) AND furniture as often as possible – daily is best. Continue to wash and dry all clothes and linens on HOT.

Don’t Be Alarmed
You’ll likely see more bugs for the first few days after the treatment. This is normal, as the bugs will be trying to get away from the chemical. When you see them…

Kill Any Live Bugs
When you see a bug, kill it! It doesn’t matter whether you smash it or kill it with poison, as long as it dies. An easy solution is to pour 91% isopropyl alcohol in a bottle and spray them.

Inspect Regularly
With the brightest flashlight you have, inspect your mattress daily, including all cracks and crevices around the outside and bottom, along with underneath any tags. Also inspect the frame, box springs and headboard as often as possible. Do the same with any infested living room furniture. When you see them, kill them, AND…

Alert Us Of Any Activity
If it’s been more than 10 days after your last treatment and you see ANY live bugs whatsoever, call us at 855-5-WeKill (593-5455) or email [email protected] so we can get you on the schedule for another treatment.

Bed Bugs Can Come From Anywhere

Many residents wonder where in the world they caught bed bugs. Unlike other parasites, your cleanliness has nothing to do with it. And unlike other pests, bed bugs do not live outdoors – they almost exclusively travel and feed on humans.

If you recently stayed at a hotel, took a flight, or even attended a local community event, you could have picked them up anywhere there were lots of people from many different places. Often it’s a recent house guest that brought along some additional unwanted house guests on their clothes or in their bags. Once they settle into your bedding, however, they’re nearly impossible to get rid of without the use of commercial pest control products, as well as experienced service technicians.

When you need to know that your bed bug infestation gets handled right and handled fast, you can’t waste your efforts with cheap pest products sold in stores. Hire BugBros today and say goodbye to those bed bugs for good!

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