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Like a Brother, Our Mission is to Serve

Your home should be a safe place but pests can rob your family from enjoying this sanctuary. Yes, we kill bugs, but our true aim is #CrazyHappyCustomers through fast, effective and affordable service with a purpose. We serve you to serve our community by donating a portion of our work hours to charity.

Since 2015 we’ve been family-owned (yes, we really are brothers) and it’s been our family’s mission to use our business to give back. Yes, we kill bugs – not just the kind that suck your blood, but also the kind that suck the lifeblood of our communities – hunger, poverty, violence. We kill those bugs – those viruses that don’t belong in our lives.

We do this by matching our employees’ giving: For every hour a Bug Bro volunteers at a charity, we give them an hour of paid time off to go enjoy life. We believe a life dedicated to service and time with loved ones is a life well-lived. As such, we abide by the BrosCode:

Crazy Happy Employees CREATE Crazy Happy Customers

So don’t just call a bug guy – call a Bug Bro! We provide a pest-free environment at a price you’ll love – 100% Guaranteed. Because your family deserves to be safe and our community deserves our time.

What We Do

Every homeowner will, eventually, encounter a long-lasting battle between maintaining a bug-free house and allowing pests to run them out. Spiders, termites, roaches, and more all make your daily life exhausting, and you could wind up spending a fortune on products that don’t get results.

And while you’ve thought about hiring someone for scheduled monthly pest control, they don’t always prevent all of your bugs and rodents from returning. When you need to maintain a safer, healthier place to live, who can you turn to for help?

BugBros continues helping more homeowners daily with any pest control concerns that they may have. Everything from mice to bed bugs is no match for our experienced extermination staff.

You can find us hard at work every day protecting more houses from invasive bugs, rodents, and more common hazards. Keep your family and your home better protected from intruding pests and contact us.

Five Convenient Locations

We understand that quality pest control services are rarely convenient or affordable. We help more residents save on the protection from bugs and rodents that they need, all at lower pricing. We accomplish this through building a regional network of experienced industry professionals who serve the areas of:

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Siloam Springs, Arkansas
Wichita, Kansas
Hutchinson, Kansas
Dodge City, Kansas

Whether you have an immediate service need or require better monthly maintenance solutions, we remain the best choice for most each time. Each of our offices operates at the highest standards possible, and we always put your family’s needs first on every job. No other exterminator group feels as passionately about providing pest control services than our team. Why continue depending on expensive national franchises who only offer basic treatment choices? Instead, receive the care and defense that you need against all your pests and call us first.

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Great team and easy to work with! They always provide excellent service in a professional manor. Would recommend this business to anyone in the area with pest related problems!

– Cale W.


Why Hire Us?

The problem with many pest control services is that you don’t know which ones will only provide specific treatments. They may solely focus on termites or capturing animals to take them somewhere else.

However, most homes that struggle with pests often have more than one concern at the same time. Ants, termites, and roaches, for example, all seem to coordinate their attacks to eat you out of your house.

For more than eight years of continued extermination services, we have developed a team across several regions to provide more effective solutions for less. Why spend more on fewer solutions when we can help you save more on quality?

Whatever happens to continue bugging you, we provide the best extermination services around and at lower costs. Bed bugs, termites, mice, and more don’t stand a chance when you hire us for your home.